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    I am Data-Driven, and
    I don't belive on doing things just because.

    An engineer by training that never worked as an Engineer.

    My entire professional career has been on SEO, and I believe that my engineering background has helped me specialise in technical SEO and work on complex issues on very large projects.

    I believe that the beauty of SEO is that there is a unique strategy and approach for every website. That is what has kept me interested and never bored.

    I've been in the SEO industry since 2012, starting with small and silly projects, moving to freelance consultancy, and then to in-house SEO. Had my fun with not-so-white hat tactics, wanted to prove they work (they do), and decided to not get into that it's not a sustainable path for big and large projects.

    Outside office hours, I've taught SEO classes, spoken at conferences (offline and online) and been interviewed on podcasts. You can often find me answering questions and or contributing to the Google Seach forum, on which I hold the Gold product expert badge.

    Born and raised in Argentina, and in 2019 relocated permanently to Australia.


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